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Samsung Galaxy S23's updated Expert Raw app includes auto ND filters

(Topic created on: 04-05-2024 08:58 PM)
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Samsung is pushing a major update to the Expert Raw app for Galaxy S23Galaxy S23+Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold5. All these phones are now able to set the ND Filter feature to Auto, which will make it easier to use by amateur photographers.

The update also brought astronomical photo support to these phones, as well as Galaxy S22Galaxy S22+Galaxy S22 UltraGalaxy S21 UltraGalaxy Z Fold4, and Galaxy Z Fold3.


ND Filters are what photographers use to limit the amount of light hitting the sensor. With the ND Filter applied, photographers can use a slower shutter speed to achieve a dramatic effect while still avoiding overexposure.

The Expert Raw app is exclusively available on Galaxy Store. Some users might receive the update later, so don't forget to check Updates in the Menu tab of the Store app on your Samsung smartphone.