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Every time i find there is a software update available from Samsung i get scared. I shudder at the idea of updating and getting another bloatware in my phone.

These updates have nothing but added bloatwares in the garb of security patch. And that too, the one of which, you do not have any control over. Samung will never give you any update to latest Adroid version, e.g. from Android 8 to Android 9 or from Android 9 to Android 10, no never, so why at all keep my auto update on? 

See i just now gave them a fresh idea Next time Software update would not be user selectable and we would not be able to find the Auto-Update on / off button. The phone will update on it's own - you like it or you don't.

I do not understand why Samsung Tech team behaves so Stubbornly that their software has to be Company centric and not Customer friendly. That means you do NOT have any option to turn it off!!. It keeps popping up and keeps annoying you. Case in point "Samsung Pay Mini" phone used C9 Pro. You just cannot turn it off, let alone disable or uninstall it. 

I hate when i have to be a slave of my phone and not  be able to control it.

Take every pound of flesh from me:
My Great Grand Father's & Mother's name
My Grand Father's & Mother's name
My Father's & Mother's name
My Name
My Wife's name
My son's and daughter's name
My address
My bank account details
My credit card details
My Debit card details
My Doctor's name
My medical parameters
And whatever you can think of...
But please for heavens sake leave me, and the other customers, alone in peace... do not bug us every now and then with your new so called "make life easy" annoying softwares. Thanks.

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