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where are Samsung Galaxy A11 updates with ATT carrier , it has not updated to Android 12?

(Topic created on: 01-07-2023 05:16 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A

why hasn't my Samsung Galaxy A11 with ATT has not update from android 10 to Android 12?

I have 2 Samsung Galaxy A11  one with AT&T  and another with Tracfone ,

for the last 2 years I have seen my  Samsung Galaxy A11  with Tracfone upgrade twice from Android 10 to Android 12,

,as a technician i see no reason whatsoever for  Samsung Galaxy A11 with AT&T  with the same hardware specification not to upgrade to android 12.

who is responsible for pushing the update over the air if end users changes or remain with the carrier?

the carrier support always says Samsung is supposed to push the updates using the carrier.

I ask these questions because my  AT
&T's Samsung Galaxy A11  is still using android 10 and this OS crashes and freezes often;

and Samsung doesn't provide a mean for end user to manually update their phone. if there was a software patch i would have applied it,

now I am being force to look for compatible firmware to update, just because a end user opt for the lower end of your phone doesn't mean you should provide zero support for it, anyway i expect from Samsung is that you provide end user of a mechanism to update their phone without their original carrier

have been waiting since 2020 for updates