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Samsung a31

(Topic created on: 03-20-2023 07:39 PM)
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Galaxy A
Today am going to be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A31 
It has been 3 years since I have been using this phone.
It's a pretty good phone.
For the first year 
The battery was excellent no jokes about it but after a few years the battery started draining fast but still it's usable for 4 hours (of heavy gaming, maximum graphics at maximum frame rate the phone supports )

It has a 5000mAh battery it's a very huge battery that's the reason.
At first, it could last about 9-11 hours. I just had the charge the phone only in the morning and use it for the whole day. But am not disappointed as it's normal for a battery to degrade. But Samsung has great batteries. 

So let us stop talking about batteries now 

Let us talk about the screen 

A good topic 
The screen is good and you won't believe me I haven't dropped my phone for 3 years 
The screen is AMOLED it's great 

Humm let me think of another thing 
The gaming experience 

So, I have been playing PUBG MOBILE on this phone for years now and I faced some lag but the game is playable and still enjoyable.
I faced these lags very rarely.

Let me think of another interesting topic 


The cameras are good and I have not faced any issues with them.
It has a 48-megapixel sensor and a 2-megapixel macro sensor and the 2 others I forgot 
I apologize for that.

So that's all for today hope you all have a nice day it's my first time writing in Samsung members and it's a pretty good experience 
Thank you for your attention and see you in the next {what to say writing).

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Galaxy A
I get that the A Lineup are midrange but really wish Samsung would improve their chipsets and GPU's.
Would have done us a big favour for those who cant afford the top of the range S-Series models.

I play COD on A32, i do experience lags here and there. I'll be honest my router is at fault at times but when i play with mobile data i get a bit of improvement but most of the time its the MediaTek chip. For me its slightly above average.

But all in all ive loved my phone so far.
Hope to use a flagship model in the near future though. 😅
Kudos to Samsung with their A series still. They've done a great job. 👍🏽
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Galaxy A
Yes same here