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Many Basic Features not found in A22 5G

(Topic created on: 09-29-2022 01:26 PM)
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Greetings Reader andSamsung Customer Care Services.

I am Master Megatron a Costumer from India.
Long back my 1 Family Member BuyedGalaxy J7 which worked very well until we lost it and my experience withSamsung Galaxy J7 was amazing. I always liked how the UI was designed and how Samsung Worked and on that trust back inNovember 21 I bought your Device calledA22 5G expecting the same that the phone would have all the basic features atleast with5G at aMid Range Price but may be I was very wrong and now I regret Buying this Mobile Phone.

This Mobile PhoneDoes Not haveBasic Features like :-

• Screen Recording
• Always On Display
• A Gaming Feature that allows to display what game you are playing on your phone by linking Discord with Game launcher
• Many Game Plugins from Galaxy Store
• Game Booster Application 
App Lock
• Privacy Folder Hider
• And many more.

I never expected that Samsung would have done this and would not add even minimal and basic features. I even raised an complaint about the Gaming Features that works after linking Discord with Game Launcher but there was no action taken and was simply said that an Update to this phone would fix this soon but I am always waiting for that.

I feel Samsung has started to downgrade there phones and specially thereMid-Range mobile phones.

I either want these features to be fixed not on emergency based but i need these features and other features to be fixed or I swear i would never look after a Samsung Product. ( Do comment down if any Feature that Normal phones have but this Model doesn't.).

Please Support me by sharing this Post and liking and Commenting on this post as this is a very important issue.

Thank You.
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But this is not an error but an whole bunch of Basic Features being missing from the phone since it's launch and till to this day