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Galaxy Note 8 gets new update with more than security fixes in tow

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Samsung’s software support keeps finding new ways to shine. From pushing future security patches ahead of time to promising three generations of OS updates for many devices, the Korean giant is doing all it can to show customers that it cares about them after they have paid for the hardware. In the latest such move, Samsung has released yet another new update for the Galaxy Note 8, nearly four years after it hit retail shelves.

And this isn’t just a standard security update. Well, at least judging by the firmware version (N950FXXUFDUE4), which suggests the update includes more than just security enhancements, though Samsung doesn’t go into detail in the changelog. But considering how this update comes so long after the Galaxy Note 8 stopped getting big updates, there likely is something important in there. Oh, and you also get the May 2021 security patch.

The update is currently limited to Germany. Since the phone is in Samsung’s quarterly release schedule, it’s hard to say when other countries will join the party. It could be today, it could be next week, or it could be in a couple of months – it all depends on when your Note 8 last received an update. Speaking of last updates, Samsung is likely to remove the Note 8 from the quarterly schedule before the end of the year, seeing as how that recently became the Galaxy S8’s fate.

As usual, you can check if the latest update is available for your phone by opening its Settings app, selecting Software update, and tapping the download option. You can also go the alternative route and download the new firmware for your device model and country from our firmware archive and install it using a Windows PC.


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How many year u use note 8.