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Clipboard doesn't show on long-tap pop-up on A34

(Topic created on: 04-17-2023 01:18 AM)
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* I'm a new Galaxy A34 user.

It is well-known for any Samsung user, that a long tap on cursor shows a pop-up box having both paste and clipboard, with an arrow for further options. That's when long-tapping in empty space, not while text is selected.

But anyhow, clipboard is not showing on either empty or text selection.

Is it a glitch to be fixed, so that clipboard continues to easily show, which I hope is the case. Or has Samsung decided to remove such a feature?

Because as I searched a little, I found that Samsung keyboard gives an option for showinf clipboard icon from keyboard toolbar. But I don't use Samsung keyboard, neither do I like having a keyboard toolbar regardless of what keyboard I'm using.

What is your say on this?
Should I contact Samsung, report a bug, or what exactly?

All the best.
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There is this icon above your keyboard, your clipboard is there. If you don't see this then click in the left arrow and you should see the option there. Screenshot_20230417_025053_Samsung Members_1000105952_1681685622.jpgScreenshot_20230417_025432_Samsung Members_1000105953_1681685694.jpg