Saw many A50 users facing many problems related to the fingerprint sensor after the latest update...I have made a list of solutions you can try out and see if it helps...


Fingerprint Scanner not working fix #1: Try pressing a little harder
Although fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy A50 is way more sensitive than the previous ones in older Galaxy A devices, it may fail to read the contours in your finger 100% of the time. In rare cases wherein this occurs, what you can do is to simply press on the screen a bit harder and it should work. I find this effective in my own Galaxy A50 so it should work in yours too.

In the event that the problem may continue even after doing youโ€™ve pressed on the screen a little harder, then continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Fingerprint Scanner not working fix #2: Remove screen protector
The Gorilla glass being used by Samsung is protection enough to keep the screen well but if you added a third party screen protector, it may be the reason why the fingerprint scanner is working poorly. If pressing a little harder wonโ€™t work and youโ€™re using a screen protector, the next good thing to do is to remove it. As much as possible, you want to keep the screen pristine by not adding any more screen protection to it.

Fingerprint Scanner not working fix #3: Remove fingerprint and add a new one
If the Fingerprint Scanner is still not working after updating or after removing the screen protector, then the next good thing to do is to delete your fingerprints and add them up again. Make sure to move your finger in different directions during registration to ensure that the scanner captures a few more angles of the contours of the skin. When adding a fingerprint, try to hold the phone in a manner that you usually use when unlocking the screen. If you tend to use one hand while unlocking the phone, make sure to mimic that action during registration. Do not hold the phone in one hand and use another but do it in a way that you normally would in your everyday operation.

Fingerprint Scanner not working fix #4: Turn on screen sensitivity
If you think that the fingerprint scanner fails to read your finger, or if the screen is not as responsive as you expect, thatโ€™s probably because of a screen protector. If not, then thereโ€™s no need to worry, as you can easily improve screen sensitivity by following these steps:

Head to Settings in the app tray or tap the gear-shaped settings button in the pulldown bar
Select Display from the list of options
Scroll down till you find Touch Sensitivity
Toggle the switch to ON to increase touch sensitivity for use with screen protectors.

Fingerprint Scanner not working fix #5: Factory reset
If the Fingerprint Scanner is still not working at this point, you should consider wiping the device with factory reset to know if itโ€™s a software issue or not. Factory reset will delete all personal data so be sure to back your files up before doing it. 

Hope these solutions help you guys in some way....Comment if any works...Thankyou โœŒ
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Thanks for solution.
Have a look at my points as well
Issues for Points 1 & 2.
How come the same screen protector worked fine before the update and didn't work fine post update.
Hence, Scree protector is definitely not the issue nor the sensitivity.
point 3 :
Yes, removed the old one, forget about recognizing the fingerprint, registering fingerprint has been impossible.
point 4 :Covered in 1
Point 5 : No big companies like Samsung should expect their customers to factory reset after each update. That's ridiculous .

But you're solutions might be helpful to some people. please comment if any of the above points works.

For me none of them worked.
Being a software engineer I'm sure it's a software Bug.
not useful for me
Bro In Point 5 you are Saying right that you should not expect factory Reset but problem Occurs with the Software when we Download the Software Update on an Unstable or low internet speed. And because Unstable internet the Software Update is not downloaded Properly.
The whole Fingerprint Authentication problem that came recently was due to the screen protector....hence Samsung has advised to not use screen protector and after removing the protection, scan again and use the phone...
Factory reset is the last option that's why
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Finger Print not registering fix #6: Disable Face Unlock and try registering fingerprint again

-for November patch update

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I tried them all.. still doesnt work..

Even after the reset.. doesn't work.

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if this problem continues contact customer service a50 problem solved
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on the samsung a50 have gorilla glass