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So I upgraded from 2

S10+ to S20+ and I think this is going to be my last phone from Samsung. Both phones was slow but the S20 plus is worse than the S10+. I need to reboot this phone every day or 2 and it starts lagging and crashing. Also the front camera is freaking lame. I honestly don't think this phone is any better than the S10

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s10+ is much much better than bogus s20+ even photography can't match with s10+ i sold my s20+
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Good decision
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samsung knows 2020 flagship mobiles take trash photos so they introduced best feature inside gallery called Trash.
now you can move all your photos to trash so that they will be deleted automatically after 30 days with out any burden to customers.....
Trash is best feature upgrade for 2020 flagship mobiles ...

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