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Stop Spammers. Report It. Send FeedBack.

(Topic created on: 10-10-2019 10:02 AM)
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Hello Samsung Members,

Everyone Must Take A One Step For Stopping All the Spammers In The Samsung Community. Today I Saw a Post In which A Guy Was Selling **bleep** Accounts Literally. Please Guys, This Is Not Good for Our Community And Also For Nation. If You Don't Believe Then Just Go To Community Website Of Samsung And Change Location To Other Countries. You Will Find Many Good Articles About Samsung Smartphones, Tech Talks About Samsung & Many More. Why it is only Happening Here Only. Please Let Us All Be One And Take A Step To Stop Spamming Activities. We are One big Family And No One Can Ruin It.

Below Is Screenshot Of That Person who Posted such a ridiculous post and also i have posted a link to that post. So Please Report it. And Whenever You See This kind of Post Please Feel Free To Report It.


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i already did that bro
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Done. I'm also reported
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done bro
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i already did when there was only a single view on this post
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Finally someone said it, there are many people like him who post **bleep** content and nobody talks about it.
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And @babi07 he posts **bleep** girls pictures in Galaxy Gallery everytime.
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Send There Profile Link To Feedback Section They will Do Necessary.
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Can you do on behalf of me, please?