Community Manager

Samsung Members can prohibit some kind of users’ activities on Community for service operation.

1. Ground rules for disabling of contents

①  Posts that creates a privacy or security risk to any person (including, for example, by publicly posting any person's contact, e-mail address, picture information on Samsung Members Community without authorization)

②  Posts that have possibilities related to criminal activities

③  Expressing hatred, abuse, vulgar or tortuous criticism

④  Posts about damaging or insulting others' honor

⑤  Commercial contents not related to Samsung mobile device

⑥  Posts that infringe on others' rights such as patents, trademarks, business secrets, copyright and other intellectual property rights

⑦  Posts that have nudity and sexually explicit content

⑧  In case that to be requested to delete materials by person who think their rights are being infringed

⑨  Posts that violate relevant laws or the terms of Samsung Members


2. Limitation of Use

Users could be blocked from posting any contents on Community if they prohibited activities over 5 times consistently. In more serious cases the users are blocked although when the counts of deletion are below 5 times. (Refer to the ground rules for disabling of contents)

3. Request to suspend posts

Samsung can suspend some posts including defamation, personal information and infringement of copyright based on request of someone.

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Beginner Level 2
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