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Hello Samsung Members,

Communities are a great place to come and get help and guidance, but it's also a great place to help others! If you find that you enjoy helping other users here, you may be interested in learning more about some practices and tips to help make our community better.

Below is a list of tips and best practices we've compiled that will provide some ideas for use when answering or asking questions.


How can you write a question that attracts good answers?

Search first for the topic:
Your question may have been asked before. Please find a solution before posting a new discussion. You can click the search icon in the top right corner of the screen to search.

Choosing a Title:
The title is the most readable part, which indicates the content of your topic, so try to find an attractive title for your post.

Include relevant information
Be sure to include enough information about your issue so people can provide the answer you need.
Keep friendship
This is a community-driven community with input from fellow users, as well as from Samsung employees. This is the space to learn, and we would like to keep it a friendly environment for everyone.

When you follow these basic steps, the members can try to help answer your question more quickly.


* If you get a reply that answers your question, please take a moment to mark it as correct by visiting the thread and clicking "Accept As Solution" button next to the answer. You're helping to make it easier for future users with your same issue to find the solution!


How to provide Good answers in other members topics:


  1. Try to fully understand the question and the problem, if something is fuzzy ask the user for more details. When you give an answer that has nothing to do with the question/problem the user will be frustrated.
  2. Try to keep the threads on-topic. If you think what you're discussing might be a separate point, start a new thread and get some feedback there!
  3. Criticism should be constructive, not offensive. Personal attacks and hate speech will not be tolerated; this includes negative comments or slurs against race, sexual orientation or gender, or threats to a user’s safety.
  4. Read everything that has been posted by others, before posting yourself.
  5. Nobody knows everything. There are even some things which no one knows. If somebody asks a hard question, it's OK to guess at an answer. But please, let them know when you're guessing.
  6. If you know that the question has already been answered in another thread, politely direct the original poster to that thread or suggest a search phrase that that can use with the search facility.
  7. Be nice. Add a personal touch, don't come across as a robot. Be aware of the fact that some users may be very frustrated and just want their problem solved.

Finally, always remember community posts will be removed if:

  • they contain offensive or harmful material
  • they contain personal or sensitive information about users
  • they violate any copyrights or licenses.

Please read the Samsung Community Guidelines from Here.


We love your presence as part of our community forum and hope to be involved in putting up topics as well as helping to answer questions.


Thank You For Reading