Beginner Level 2

Hello community,


My name is Uwais. I recently build my new custom computer . I needed a new ssd as my old one was stolen. So I bought the 970 evo plus m.2 nvme 250 gb  from www.amazon.in on 25-11-2019 that is two days back. I recieved the product today and when i opened it all seals were intact and also the box didnt look like its been tampered with . So i went over to https://cybersvc2.samsungcsportal.com/in
 to register my newly bought ssd and after I added the details like model no and serial no and invoice it says to me in description that the product is out of warranty. I then installed the ssd in my pc and installed the Magician software which tells me that its a GENUINE PRODUCT with 0 bytes written on it. 

Im so confused now. I contacted live chat and the guy told me that the Samsung India page has some database problem and my ssd is in complete Warranty and that I don't need to worry.


Also in the invoice that I got from amazon.in it mentions only the model no but not the serial no , so 

will I have any issues if my drive fails and I have to replace it in Future .

Im so confused as to return the product or keep it because of this … please help me if possible .