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Snapchat Video Quality on Samsung (Android 13)

(Topic created on: 03-13-2023 02:28 PM)
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with Galaxy
Please create a Snapchat video WITH filter/lens. It will save video in your Gallery. From there open its properties to find its resolution and frame rate.

Here is what i found and possibly is a collusion between Apple and Snapchat to force Android users to switch to iPhone.

(1) Samsung A52 (2021) - Snapdragon 720G chip released in Jan 2020
Snap video resolution 544x960 at 12 fps. Before March update, Snap video had a resolution of 480x960. This is worse than Standard Quality (SD).

(2) iPad 9 (2021) - A13 bionic chip released in Sep 2019
Snap video resolution 720x1280 at 30 fps. This is HD quality.

The quality is definitely much worse on Android but before I can generalise, answer this next question.

Question: What is resolution & fps of a Snap video on your Samsung phone? Please don't bother with Snapchat Settings. There are no Video Quality options.