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Samsung please learn from this

(Topic created on: 08-16-2022 08:09 AM)
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Good for samsung, just disappointing that the s22 Ultra was supposed to be having this performance we expected it to have it, yet it didn't. I am super exited to see what the s23 ultra does. I think the s23 ultra will finally do what we expected on the s22 Ultra. Samsung has 5 success recipes and must not change them. The foldables didn't change much from last year,they only refined it,and it is good,they brought the note design back and it is good, they kept one UI and also have an amazing budget line of phones and wearables. So now we are left with 2 things. Give us a flat screen in the s23 ultra, a better chipset and make it standard in all samsung phones,more samsung stores ,in store contract deals and a bettert website,and samsung will destroy apple completely
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