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How to improve phone performance and animations

(Topic created on: 04-16-2024 04:06 PM)
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Guys I have seen alot of people complaing about their phones that lags.Even I myself have had those problems mostly after the One UI 6 update...below im going to give some tips on how to improve phone animations but take note thats these settings will allow your battery to drain alot cause most of the default settings on your samsung is to optimise battery life.

Note.These setting will work best on budgets and midrange phones.Flagships already come with setting to boost performance.

Now remember if you want performance you will sacrifice your battery life so that is up to you.Below are the settings to change:

1.Go to your device settings>select apps>select show system app>search software system and put battery to unrestricted
Now do the same with System UI and One UI Home

2.Switch of Ram Plus(Cause physical ram is faster than Virtual ram and your phone dont really need extra ram)

3.Switch off adaptive battery(Its for optimizing battery life witch will then lead to poor performance)

4.Go to developer options and disable Suspend execution for cached apps

5.In develper options switch all your animations speeds to either 1X or 0,5X whatever seems best for you

Lastly Restart your device
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I forgot to add restart your device after applying the settings