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Overheating, phone will stop warning message due to extreme heating. Happens in spotify, camera, vr video playback etc. Please all s20 fe exynos users send error report so maybe samsung looks over tge heating issue.
Samsung forum is all about battery drain and heating issues . 
*Good camera in this price bracket (just good not amazing), better than oneplus8t but not by miles*Good enough speakers(oneplus 8t speakers are slighly louder quality is similiar), Ip rating, wireless charging (never use it cause its so slow) *good a...
Please allow disabling game optimizing service, it completely destroys the purpose it is made for. There is sufficient proof disabling it leads to better frame. Cant play Pubg, frame rate always drops down to around 45 after 10-15 minute's 
There is occasional stuttering (slight frame drop/ lag) when notification shade is pulled down fully. Does anyone else notice this??