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Hello samsung many galaxy users are reporting about the yellow/green tint appearing on their screen out of nowhere literally without any explanations and we have all tried every possible method to trouble shoot it the fact that the display is normal ...
Hello guys ive been using note 8 for 2 years now never have i ever dropped it last night i went to sleep the phone was okay in the morning i woke up i was this greenish tint on the phone suddenly i tried restarting my phone and the note 8 logo appear...
Hello Samsung ive been suffering serious wifi dropping and bluetooth dropping issues since the past security update plz look into the matter and plz fix it in the next one coz its really annoying to keep reconnecting to wifi all the time
Hey guys note 8 apr update is live check on download and install ✌
Hey samsung from past few weeks ive been noticing a fall in battery life it used to work just fine before the feb update idk if its just me or you guys here are also noticing the same thing if you are then plz write to samsung and i would request sam...