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Hello guys ive been seeing lot of you people having the new galaxy store with the dark mode and i was just wondering is it just for android 10 and one ui 2.0 or even one ui 1.0 devices running android 9.0 will get it tooo coz i haven't got an update ...
Okay so this ones for my fellow note 8 users guys lets accept we're not seeing one ui 2.0 but at the same time ive seen one ui 2.0 of note 9 and s10 and to be honest we have nothing much to loose here virtually except few tweaks in design theres noth...
Its december 1 we been patiently waiting for the security patch for note 8 but i guess samsung has already forgotten the phone that broght them back in the game with note series its sad already to accept the fact that a capable phone will be skipped ...
When the **bleep** will note 8 get oct update it almost the end of october and still in india we're waiting for the update has samsung already forgotten the device which helped them do a comeback in note series