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Bluetooth is Driving me Crazy

(Topic created on: 01-17-2024 06:17 PM)
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Hello guys, I'm having a headache because of the issue i'm facing with my zold 5 , Note 20 Ultra and Tab s7 Plus bluetooth networking. I use the original Galaxy buds as my daily driver earbuds. and the issue is that when I connect it to my Z fold 5, Note 20 Ultra and tab S7 the sound quality is really really owful, BUT when I connect the same earbuds to my 6 years old Smasung Note 8 the sound quality is amazing. but the most frustraring part is before purchsing my Z fold 5 I went to samsung store and connected my earbuds to one of the z folds in the store to see if the sound quality is as good as my note 8. and you gussed it. it souneded exactly as my note 8 (really good) but when I bought it and transferred all the data and settings from the note 20 ultra to my new Z fold 5 the sound quality became bad. what also really annoying me is I tried connecting the same earbuds to one my friends S21U and the sound was great. I really don't know what is the issue with my devices/settings.

 .. All I want is to have the same sound quality when I connect my earbuds to my Note 8 through out all my devices. I also own Sony XM4 headphones and the same scenario. It sounds good on the note 8 but owful on the rest. 

Things that I tried:
 - connecting the new galaxy buds to my Z fold 5 and Tab S7 (they sound bad) but on my note 8 they are good.
 - reseting my Network settings.
 - Changing all of the bluetooth settings in the developer option, No improvment.
 I even tried to match my note 8 bluetooth seetings and nothing chnaged.
 - Updated the wearable app.
 - Cleared data and cache from wearable app.
 - Deleting the wearable app.

 our local Samsung store did not benefit me with anything.

 Please Help me .. Listening to music is a major thing in my daily life and I would like to enjoy it
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As a music lover i understand you.
Have you tried checking Dolby atmos settings. I believe all the 3 phones have them.
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Kindly visit the service center for further investigation.