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Use the Samsung Cloud to back up and restore data to your Galaxy device

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Use the Samsung Cloud to back up and restore data to your Galaxy device


With both personal and business information saved on individuals’ phones, it is wise to backup such data to a safe location like the Samsung Cloud. You will be able to synchronise everything you save across your Galaxy devices as well as create restore points so you never lose information that is important to you.


Items included in backup/restore are:

  • Phone: call and message history
  • Messages: enhanced messages, multimedia messages and text messages (some large files may not be backed up)
  • Contacts (saved on the device): contacts, email addresses and business cards
  • Calendar (saved on the device): schedules, events and tasks
  • Clock: alarms, world clocks, and timers
  • Settings: accessibility settings, ringtones (excluding default ringtones), Samsung keyboard options, Wi-Fi settings, paired Bluetooth devices, facial recognition settings, fingerprint settings and Always on Display settings
  • Home screen: layout, wallpapers (excluding default wallpapers) and Samsung DeX settings
  • Apps: Installation files and Samsung’s app settings
  • Voice recorder: recordings
  • The data you can back up may vary depending on your operating system or phone version.

Backing up data in the Samsung Cloud

Backing up your Galaxy devices to the Samsung Cloud will copy your data (such as contacts, messages, and settings) to a safe storage space that you can access from any of your Galaxy devices.


Step 1. Go to and open the Samsung Cloud app.


Step 2. Select Back up data.

Note: On this screen, you can also tap the switches to select items you wish to automatically back up. For auto backup to work, your device must be charging with the screen off and connected to Wi-Fi.


Step 3. Select which items to back up to the Samsung Cloud > tap Back up now.


Step 4. Tap Done.

Restoring data from the Samsung Cloud

With your data backed up in the Samsung Cloud, you can restore your Galaxy phone if you need to do a factory reset or you can transfer the files when setting up a new Galaxy device.


Step 1. Go to and open the Samsung Cloud app.


Step 2. Select Restore data.


Step 3. Select a backup to restore data from.


Step 4. Select what data you wish to restore > tap Restore.


Step 5. Tap Done.

How to synchronise with Samsung Cloud

Part of keeping your data safe is synchronising it with the Samsung Cloud so that it saves to the Cloud on its own without you needing to manually back it up. In order to set up this feature, you must be logged into your Samsung account and ensure that the synchronisation function is on.

The items that can be synchronised with the Samsung Cloud include:

  • Calendar app (Samsung Account): Calendar, To-dos
  • Contacts app (Samsung Account): contacts, email addresses, business cards
  • Bluetooth: Registered Galaxy Home speakers, Galaxy Buds
  • Reminders: Reminders
  • Samsung Internet: bookmarks, saved pages, open tabs and Quick Launch shortcuts
  • Samsung Notes: Notes and other data
  • Samsung Pass: Login information
  • Wi-Fi: Saved Wi-Fi networks 
  • AR Emoji: Emojis and items you design yourself
  • Samsung Health: profile information, body composition metrics, workouts, meals, water intake, sleep information, Together challenges and information from connected devices
  • Gallery app: photos, videos and stories

* Contacts and calendars set up with your Google account will not be synchronised.


Step 1. Go to Settings > Accounts and backup.


Step 2. Select Manage accounts.


Step 3. Select your Samsung account.


Step 4. Select Sync account.


Step 5. Tap the switches to select which items to synchronise and you are done.


  • Files larger than 1GB in size cannot be backed up to Samsung Cloud.
  • Costs may be incurred when using data networks other than Wi-Fi.


  • Depending on the country and mobile carrier, some countries or models may not support Samsung Cloud or may only support some items. For the exact items, check the Samsung Cloud app on your device.
  • Please refer to this article if you want to learn how to use the Smart Switch app to back up and restore your Galaxy device’s data.


Last Update date : Mar 01. 2024

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