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How to transfer data from a Galaxy phone with a broken screen

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How to transfer data from a Galaxy phone with a broken screen


If your Galaxy phone's screen is broken and you cannot see or touch the screen to operate your device but need to transfer your data, connect your phone to an external display (monitor, TV, etc.) to utilise screen mirroring. You will also need a mouse and keyboard to operate your device so you can transfer your data.


Note: To complete this process, your Galaxy smartphone's operating system must be Android 12 or higher and must also support DisplayPort.

How to set up for transferring data

Before you can transfer your data from your old, damaged phone to your new Galaxy phone, you need to check that you have all of the necessary equipment and that it is set up correctly.

Items required:

  • Smartphone with a broken screen (Android 12 or later, Display port compatible device)
  • New smartphone to move data to
  • USB-C to HDMI hub adapter (with USB-A port)
  • External display (HDMI enabled)
  • HDMI cable
  • Wired USB mouse
  • Wired USB keyboard

Note: None of the following items are included with the purchase of a Galaxy phone: USB-C to HDMI hub adapter, External display, HDMI cable, wired USB mouse, wired USB keyboard.


Step 1. Connect a monitor (TV), mouse, and keyboard to the HDMI hub adapter (not included) on your device. Then, hold down the volume up and down button on your smartphone and connect your phone to the HDMI hub adapter. Release the volume button once your phone and the adapter are connected.


Step 2. Once your phone and the external display are connected, either your phone’s screen will be mirrored on the external display or the Samsung DeX screen will appear. After unlocking or exiting DeX, you can start backing up your data with the Smart Switch.


Screen 1. If your phone screen is mirrored, unlock it with your mouse or keyboard and launch the Smart Switch app.



Screen 2. If the Samsung DeX screen appears, click on Apps located in the bottom left corner > Tap on Exit DeX to switch to the mirrored screen and launch the Smart Switch app.

Note: When the DeX initial setup screen appears, press ESC on your keyboard or (Windows + Backspace) to close it.


How to transfer data to a new phone using the Smart Switch app

When you discover that you need to move your data from one phone to another, the Smart Switch app makes transferring the information a quicker, easier process.



Step 1. (New device) Open the Smart Switch app > Select Receive data.



Step 2. (New device) Select Galaxy/Android.



Step 3. (New device) Select Wireless.



Step 4. (Old device) Select Connect to authorise the phone connection.



Step 5. (New device) Select data to transfer > Tap Next.



Step 6. (New device) Tap Next to complete the data transfer.


Note: If your phone won't turn on and is unresponsive, or if you have trouble getting the necessary items needed, contact or visit a Samsung Service Centre for further assistance. You may need to bring a phone to transfer the data from the broken device to your visit.


Last Update date : Jan 23. 2024

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