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Lost Z Fold

(Topic created on: 01-09-2023 06:12 PM)
Z Fold 1
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Good day everyone 

Sad day for me to inform that I lost my Z fold over the weekend. Had it only for 2 weeks.

Fortunately I was able to track it where it is until this midmorning when it was removed from my account using samsung find my device link.

I called Samsung for support and they requested my Login details and password which I provided.

They were able to see the handset and they couldn't help me block it using IMEI.

I then later tried to track it once more and it was totally removed from my samsung account and couldn't track it anymore. 

How is this possible that it gets removed from my account ? Not even to show the last seen location for that matter.

Has anyone experienced this horror before?

Were you helped somehow?

Please send me advice and tips how should I go about to atleast retrieving info from my lost fone.

Thank you for your assistance

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Omg what a disaster and so stressful to think this could happen
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Samsung Care+
Sorry to hear about your Z - Fold

Losing one's phone or having it stolen is a terrible feeling, not so much the phone, but all the personal data stored on phones today is expansive

Are you sure you lost it and wasn't perhaps taken without your knowledge?
Calling Samsung support and giving your details, ngl but not one of your finest moments, neither is it something I would admit to and say out loud,
You mentioned shortly after when you tried looking for your device again, iit was off the radar.
Why couldn't they at least Block your phone straight away?
Hopefully you went into Samsung's official page and changed your relevant passwords etc.
Tracking it and physically going in search of it is dangerous and not worth it tbh
I will say that "Find My Phone" on any platform is overated and full of flaws, giving one a false sense of security.
Your cell network provider can block your IMEI
With today's smart technology it is possible to remove a Google / Samsung account off of any phone in minutes, the iPhone takes a little longer.

Did you back up anything to the Cloud? One Drive, Google or Samsung?
That's the only way to go about trying to retrieve your info.

Good luck Z Fold 1