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This is to my complete my two previous post

(Topic created on: 01-08-2024 01:53 PM)
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Good day Samsung, how are you.s today? I hope are you.s doing OK 
1. as one of your loyal and respectful and honest customers who is always giving high-quality rating on customer service 
2 I must honestly say that your software update is getting totally unacceptable and too slow for most of your customers for you.s to keep your customers happy at all times you.s must speed up your software process and improve your response times 
3. According to my knowledge from August or November 2023, which was last year, my Samsung galaxy A14 hasn't received it 1st quarterly software update yet from you.s for the 2024 software update cycle to start fresh 
4. MY Samsung galaxy A14 or A145F/Ds hasn't even received any android 14 upgrades from you.s yet which is totally disappointing 5.My last software update from you.s was on the 25 November 2023 no software updates have been received since then 
 6.You.s better strengthen and improve your software update service and response times 
7. You.s are getting slower and slower as Time goes on 
8. Totally disappointing 💔😪😩🤪😓