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Secure Folder: Personal vs Professional Life

(Topic created on: 05-07-2020 11:48 PM)
Beginner Level 2
You are a professional?
You have two sim cards?
You want to seperate your personal life from your professional one?

Try Samsung Secure Folder!

Having the possibility of getting two phones under the same roof seemed nearly impossible a decade ago.

Not anymore!

For those who were acquainted with myKnox will be glad to hear that it was replaced with Secure Folder. This seperate platform has evolved quite well over the years. 

With Secure Folder, you can sync your work email, contacts, whatsapp and other relevant information genuinely seperate from the rest of your phone. It is as if you have two phones in one device. This helps you to efficiently balance your personal and work life.

Don't want to hear from work during the weekend? Turn off your Business SIM and cancel all notifications from your secure folder. Done! You have access only to your personal phone.

It's now Monday? No worries. Turn on your Business SIM and allow notifications again from your secure folder. No more hassle, just two seperate phones in one hand.

Furthermore, you can also lock the Secure Folder to prevent any people from accessing your business profile. This adds a layer of confidence to data protection. You can unlock the secure folder with your biometics such as fingerprint or iris scanner. 

This is the power of Secure Folder. This feature is well known in the business field. Moreover, this is one of the reasons why Samsung is setting a trend in the corporate field.

Unleash your the power of your phone!