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Samsung Loyalty

(Topic created on: 10-18-2022 12:26 PM)
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I started out years and years ago with the E2550 then got the Galaxy ACE then the S4 Mini, then the S5 Then the A6+ Then the A30 Then the A21S Then the A31S Then the A12 and then currently the S21 FE as well as multiple other devices and accessories including the Tab A7 the Tab 10.1 The Buds+ The Watch Active the 10,000. MAH Power Bank and the Wireless Charging Dock. As well as TVS and Laptops from Samsung,  You could say I'm a Samsung freak but they're honestly just the best Smartphone and household appliance Brand out there I love all their products that I own and have owned  and will always continue to use them in the future.   I truly am a LOYAL SAMSUNG FAN.