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as I was interacting with south Koreans I found more details about the s9 and note 9. devices to get one 2.1 in deeper perspective Samsung is going to give all through features of s20 to these devices including the note 10 lite as the soc is the same now Samsung cant play the games of not giving one UI 2.1 to s9 and note 9 devices  digging deeper I found that Samsung was refusing to give the update of one UI 2.1 to s9 and note 9 was the lack of NPU which present on s10 and note 10 those of you don't know about the NPU then I will tell you that these functions are related to the ai function in-camera, a system such as shot suggestion, Bixby routines, etc 

well here's the definition of the NPU 


A neural processing unit (NPU) is a microprocessor that specializes in the acceleration of machine learning algorithms, typically by operating on predictive models such as artificial neural networks (ANNs) or random forests (RFs). It is, also, known as the neural processor.

It is important to note that it cannot be used for general-purpose computing such as Central Processing Unit (CPU). This is mainly because the software support for this class of processors is not developed which can be used for any computing purpose. In fact, developing such a software/ compiler can be a challenge and at the same time, it may give a low performance for tasks it is not designed for.

Need for NPU

For the last few years, we have made incredible progress in Machine Learning applications and have outperformed humans in some tasks such as playing games like Go and Chess.

At the same time, Machine Learning applications are taking human life to the next level. Some of the applications include:

  • Self-driving cars
  • Monitoring a system or area from threats like a security system involving real-time facial recognition
  • Improving health care through accurate analysis and treatment

and many others

All these have exponentially increased the number of computations involved and the previous approaches to using GPUs could not scale well. This paved the way to design a processor that will perform better than GPUs and cope up with the progress we are making in the field of Machine Learning.

NPU are required for the following purpose:

  • Accelerate the computation of Machine Learning tasks by several folds (nearly 10K times) as compared to GPUs

  • Consume low power and improve resource utilization for Machine Learning tasks as compared to GPUs and CPUs


Real-life implementations of Neural Processing Units (NPU) are:

  • TPU by Google
  • NNP, Myriad, EyeQ by Intel
  • NVDLA by Nvidia
  • AWS Inferential by Amazon
  • Ali-NPU by Alibaba
  • Kunlun by Baidu
  • Sophon by Bitmain
  • MLU by Cambricon
  • IPU by Graphcore
  • Ascend by Huawei
  • Neural Engine by Apple
  • Neural Processing Unit (NPU) by Samsung

due to this Samsung was refusing to give the one UI 2.1  but now things are clear thanks to note 10 lite which got the Exynos 9810  due to that device when are able to get one UI 2.1 with all the ai functions 


however, we remain skeptical about the shot suggestion, and other ai function in the camera and system 


that's why I asked note 10 lite users to post the screenshots about the camera UI and the Bixby routines 


however, for sure the pro video mode will be given back on the demand 


but don't get any high hope at all if there was no note 10 lite model we won't be getting the update of one ui 2.1 


features that might or might not debut on s9 and note 9 according to the situation of note 10 lite 


1 single take although the note 10 lite is getting but don't have hope for the s9 / note9 devices 

2 no night hyper-lapse 

3 super steady 

4 shot suggestion 

5 smart angle for the front camera 

6 single take 

7-night hyper-lapse 


the features that will debut 

1 60 fps at the front camera at 1080 p

2 Bixby routines 

3 custom filter 

4 message wallpaper 

5 undo-redo gesture on keyboard

6 pro video mode 

7  quick share 

8 music share 

9  dual video recording that now the front camera will be used while recording video as well but limited to 1080 p at 60 

10 deep sleeping apps that the app will run only when you open found in s10, s20  series, note 10 plus, note 10


10 dark theme animation 

11 ar zone except for the doodle function but for me its gimmicky 

12 clean view in gallery 

13 quick crop 

14 dark mode animation 


discontinued feature 

1 back gesture key on the keyboard which isn't a big deal for me because I use one hand operation plus