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Samsung s7's battery life issue.

(Topic created on: 07-14-2018 08:48 AM)
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For the past few months I have been facing terrible battery life problems with my S7. The phone 100 % charged would give me 2.5 to 3 hours max of usage time. I made peace with that thinking its a two year old model now and apps are heavy on the battery. I have a Gear S3 watch and I am forced to used it without bluetooth fearing my phone might die cause the bluetooth drains about 3% battery PER HOUR. So now my Gear S3 is just a normal watch to look at time but worse since I have to remember to charge it so that it doesn't die on me too. Also I own samsung level earphones I can't use them too because battery life. So those earphones are a complete waste of money since they now they are just kept in one conor to catch dust. I made peace with that too.
What really grinds my gears is that even when I leave the phone idle it is draining battery life. I have attached Screenshots for reference. I charged my phone 100 % and left it completely idle for an hour and 20 minutes and it consumed 10 % battery life and when I went to check whats consuming so much battery it said standby took 3 % and android system to 1 % but where did the missing 6 % go ? I noticed this when I used to charge my phone to a 100 % and then unplug it and keep it next to me overnight and I wake up after 6 hours and see my battery life is down to 49 %. Mind you I close all my apps switchoff wifi, location, bluetooth, always on, nfc even blue light filter just incase. I have tried formatting my phone on multiple occasions. I have deleted every app that I might not use everyday. I have tried them all. Nothing seems to fix my problem. I have never downloaded third party apps or any app thats not from play store on my phone never downloaded songs of the internet. Always keep my phone and apps updated and use device maintenance once a day. My S7 has never hanged on me. My phone hardware is original haven't had the need to replace any component. I still use the power adapter that came with the phone, had to purchase a new fast charging cable from the Samsung store but that was fine. I have been a Samsung loyal customer since 2013, I had the S4, S5, S6, S7, Gear S3, Level and a Samsung smart Tv, I even bought 5 other Samsung phones for my family members. But after so many years and so many devices, I think is it really worth the frustration ?

P.s - this post took me roughly 10 minutes to type and the battery went down to 83 % from 100 % in those 10 minutes.3a27830d-650d-4d1e-9623-294b09a01cb1.jpg
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I agree...battery is pathetic on S7 edge now...Samsung not bothered to release a fix...btr to switch over Bro!