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Samsung has more emotions coming

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Samsung has more emotions coming

One day, your Samsung phone will ask you how are you today

If you are happy, just put an emoji 😊 and then your Samsung mobile will share your happy feelings with you through wallpapers, ringtones, lock screen and many other changes, plus your mobile will allow it to request documentation of everything that makes you happy and suggest you several other ideas to add more and more joy to your life

If you feel sad, just put an emoji 😥, your Samsung phone will ask you why, as it will be sad for you and will change its style of wallpapers, ringtones and many other things so that it can console you more and ease your sadness more 
Don't even rule out crying for you

If you feel sick or tired just put an emoji 🤒, your Samsung phone will provide you with maximum comfort by reducing the volume, lighting and backgrounds, continuing to measure your health, offering reliable advice, medical consultations or directly contacting your doctor, and a lot that you cannot expect from him until you reach the recovery stage

If you are busy or facing difficulty, just put an emoji 🤯, your Samsung mobile will be your closest advisor using its smart programs and actual solutions, you will find it in smart desktop mode that offers you various consultations in all fields down to solutions that suit you and very many things that will amaze you and take you to another world of digital technology 

Your Samsung phone is not only a phone that you put near you, but it will be yours just like you want it to be.