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Samsung Galaxy S20plus-The Worst Flop-Flag-Phone ever

(Topic created on: 10-05-2022 12:48 PM)
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As a regular user of Samsung, upgrading to a Flagship was a dream & a spec heavy Galaxy S20plus for a reasonable price was a lucrative offer! Shortly after purchase did it dawn what a poor product it is!

1. Battery life is a joke-drains rapidly, & had to use low display settings to get the most. Its like you can have the phone but don't use it to its limits.

2. Processor is as lazy as it can get-Exynos is no match yet Samsung has to pack it coz its an in house development. Inferior, yet no choice!

3. Green line post android 12 update-Final nail in the coffin. Less than 2 years & post update a green line appears out of nowhere in the centre of the screen.

4. Heating issues, lags, uninspiring design... list continues. Yes the camera was good. Rest, for what its worth, its garbage!

Thanks Samsung for making the worst Flagflop ever! The FE line was a hit but those with the faulty S20 line were highly disappointed ! hope to see you never :)


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FE line is good because of SD processors, but in our area the flagships are limited to this underperforming Exynos processor which results in all of these problems in first hand. They really wanna beat the market competition in chip industry, but they couldn't. Even s21ultra is bad in all area, if you look into the image processing its time taking and quality is low comparing to SD varients hence the camera is mediocre as well, they are literally killing their flagship line by going for the in-house chipset with a premium pricing.