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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Display Screen Flickering And Black Display

(Topic created on: 02-07-2021 04:02 PM)
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I Have Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In Month Of Jan 2021 I got Update After Update My Mobile Screen Started Flickering In Green Light After That I Factory Reset My Mobile.

But Next my Screen Is Turning On But Not Showing Anything Only Showing Green Lines Like In Video Given In THis Post.


After That I goto Samsung Centre And THey Said That Your Screen Damage But I didnt Broke Or Drop Mobile So How Can It will Damage Then They Tell Me Screen Repair Cost Of Rs.15,000.


Now SamSung I want Free screen Replacement Because This Not My Fault

Or I will Goto Consumer Court.


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same thing happened to my note 9. Luckily it was under warranty. The lady at the customer service told that I might have dropped it. Then I told no. You can just send it and verify the same. It is easy for them to say like that. And we know how hard and expensive it is to replace the display. Hope you will get a response soon and the issue will be resolved.
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I have galaxy S9+ duos for a very happy 3 years and notice the screen problem several months back. The phone is on when power button is pressed but the screen is not. only a hint of light at the top of the OLED screen. Tried all the suggestions online but no use.

The only working(work around) method for me is to keep the "always on screen" and always wait until the screen showing time/clock before start the unlocking. It seems to be working for now.

If the screen is completely black, finger sensor or the power button will result in a black screen. Somehow the OLED respond well with the "always on screen" but not from the direct system wake up. The OLED screen power on sequence needs to be revisited. there is an obvious behavior difference between "always on screen" and suspend-power on.

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Please bring your device to a Samsung Service Center to have it checked out my a technician and help resolve the issue. 

Find the nearest service center near you online, or on Samsung.com, or by calling the call center or passing by one of the Samsung brand stores.