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S8 moisture error, USB port burnt, phone dead

(Topic created on: 10-10-2018 08:38 AM)
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Thought to post this for everyone's info and for Samsung to take action. Bought my phone on 25th September 2017 and it died on 6th August 2018 :( . Samsung is not welling to do anything about it. For past few months, well under warranty, phone was intermittently giving this annoying "moisture detected" error while charging with USB port. Did a quick online search and it seem to be very common problem with this model as there are thousands of post online with this error. The suggestion in Samsung forums were to clear USB cache, dry port, restart while charger connected or use wireless charger. Followed that and did not contact Samsung support as wireless charging always worked. Few days ago while trying to charge from usb port, the message came again, then I could smell a burnt smell and port was hot. Since then the phone is dead and does not charge even with the wireless charger. Went to Samsung repair and they said the mother board has gone and I need to pay almost the price of a new phone to replace it. How could a modern day phone die like that just in 1 year, even using the official charger and following all suggestions. And how could Samsung not willing to help with lowering the cost of repair at least as a goodwill. This phone was supposed to be water resistant in the first place. To all those who have annoying moisture issue take it seriously and go to Samsung for repair if it is under warranty. If not then you are on your own. I now need to buy a new phone :( . Please do something about it Samsung. At least provide discount with repair or discount for buying new phone, specially since it is such a widely known issue with this model.
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having this problem after the update and the store where i bougjht the item was gone already. tried to contact samsung but no response