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S24 AI features: Here’s a list of features that work offline

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Galaxy S24 is equipped with several new features, and most of the innovative ones are powered by AI. But as you know, AI integration is made in two ways: one is direct to the device, and the other is the server side; in other words, the AI features are run within the device, which doesn’t need an internet connection, while other ones are un though proper connection. Let’s explore them all.

According to the post on Reddit, there are a total of nine features that the devices can process without any internet access. These include Live translation, Chat translation, Style and grammar, interpreter, Auto format, translate (Samsung Notes), Transcript assist, Translate (Samsung Internet), and Photo ambient wallpaper.

Meanwhile, the internet-based AI feature includes Style and grammar (Samsung Keyboard), Auto format (Samsung Notes), Summarize (Samsung Notes), Correct spelling (Samsung Notes), Summaries (Samsung Internet), Summarize (Samsung Internet), Generative edit (Samsung Gallery), Generative wallpaper.

The features that are required for the internet are basically based on the Google Cloud; in simple words, whenever you run the feature, it will collect the data and then send it to the Google Cloud, where it will process it and when the result is out, it will directly available on the device.

It is worth noticing that you have to log in to the Samsung account to use these features seamlessly. As far as the availability of the feature is concerned, according to the information, some of the features will be available for the older devices. 

As reported earlier, Samsung will introduce the feature in the first phase to some limited devices, including Galaxy S23, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5, and Tab S9 series, in the first half of 2024. Later, after testing the feature, the company will gradually expand it to more devices.

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