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S23 call volume is low

(Topic created on: 10-20-2023 02:33 PM)
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My brand new S23 call volume is low when compared to my old S10. At the se time call volume is WhatsApp and Google meet are higher. Is anyone know how to fix it?
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So is my Samsung S23 Ultra, this series proves the Sound Quality failure
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We apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced with the call volume on your brand new Samsung S23. Thank you for reaching out with your concern.

If when making a call the sound is not clear, noticeably quiet it could be because of an obstruction to the devices receiver, microphones or air vents. This can sometimes occur with covers, protective films or holding the device incorrectly.

Kindly be informed that he Galaxy S23/S23+/S23 Ultra models have three microphone holes for clear calling and recording performance. If a case, cover, protective film, etc. is attached or installed it could cover one of the microphones. Or if you block or cover the microphone with your hand during a call, the sound quality of the microphone, sound transmission or recording performance may be affected.


Step 1. Check the location of your device's microphones and air vents.

Kindly visit the link below to check the locations:

Step 2. Check if a cover, protective film or protective glass is blocking the microphone and remove it for clear microphone performance before use.

Step 3. Check if a protective film is covering the camera or rear of the phone.

Step 4. Check the location of the lower microphone and be careful not to cover it with your hand during a call.

We hope these steps help improve the call volume issue you've encountered.
Thank you for choosing Samsung, and we're committed to ensuring you have the best experience with your device.