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Privacy violation and treachery to the consumer

(Topic created on: 09-30-2023 08:03 AM)
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These mandatory terms and bloody conditions are fully against the consumer. Our privacy is not that much cheap. First of all you should NOT collect these sensitive privet personal information such all phone numbers in my contact list or tracking me or tracing me...etc.
Second thing your not government police dogs to obey to them.
This is request to respect public privacy and to make all those permission optional. And again, as an example WHY I SHOULD GIVE YOU LIST OF PEOPLE PHONE NUMBERS RECORDED IN MY PERSONAL CONTACT LIST??? WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS???. AGAIN remember this phone, as a consumer seems my mistake is that I paid for you to purchase your product. And remember I paid to purchase your products BUT NOT TO SELL MYSELF!!! 
No privacy means no freedom.
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We would like to apologize for the frustrated issue you're facing as it seems you're disappointed, But, to be honest we need you to provide more information about the case you were going through which led to this sad feeling to be able to help you in a better way. However, we would like to thank you for highlighting this valued feedback.