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How to unlock Samsung S22 Ultra without losing data?

(Topic created on: 10-02-2023 11:22 PM)
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I have forgotten the screen lock password for my Samsung S22 Ultra and have tried all of the troubleshooting steps on the Samsung website, but I have not been able to unlock the phone. I understand that I may need to perform a factory reset, but I am concerned about losing my data. I do not have a backup of my data. Is there any way to unlock my phone without losing my data? I would appreciate any help or advice that you can provide.

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Kindly note that you should activate Find My Mobile and Remote unlock features from the device settings before losing the pattern. Additionally, the internet connection is manditory so that you can unlock the phone via Find My Mobile.Com website. But, If the both features haven't been activated before, you won't be able to access to the phone, and the technical support in the service center will be required, unfortunately.