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Display problem

(Topic created on: 3 weeks ago)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S
For some reason my s24 plus flashes tiny black squares when I'm playing a certain game. But it's works just fine when I play call of duty mobile. What could be the problem?
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Active Level 6
Galaxy S
The issue you're experiencing with your Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus flashing tiny black squares while playing a specific game could be related to:

1. Graphics rendering: The game might be using a different graphics rendering engine or settings that's causing the issue.
2. Game optimization: The game might not be optimized for your device's hardware, leading to graphical glitches.
3. Device overheating: The game might be causing your device to overheat, resulting in graphical issues.
4. Software bug: A software bug or glitch could be causing the issue.
5. Graphics driver issue: A problem with the graphics driver could be causing the issue.

Since the issue doesn't occur with Call of Duty Mobile, it's likely related to the specific game you're playing. Try:

1. Closing other apps and background processes.
2. Reducing graphics settings in the game.
3. Updating the game and device software.
4. Checking for overheating and ensuring proper device cooling.
5. Contacting the game developer or Samsung support for further assistance.

If the issue persists, consider performing a factory reset or visiting a Samsung service center for further assistance.