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2 One UI 6.1 features that will extend battery life of ur devices after enabling

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SAMSUNG 'S Galaxy S24 series introduces two essential features in its One UI 6.1 update that promise to keep your device battery running longer and more efficiently. These features are designed to extend the battery life of your Galaxy devices significantly.

The two features of One UI 6.1 are not only user-friendly but also help to keep the device’s battery lasting longer than its lifespan. If you are using a Galaxy smartphone running One UI 6.1 then check these 2 battery-saving features.

Battery Protection

Battery Protection feature smartly manages the battery’s power consumption while the device is charging, thereby reducing the stress on the battery and preserving its capacity over time.

Users can easily activate this feature by going into the ‘Settings’ menu, selecting the ‘Battery’ option, and turning on the ‘Battery Protection’ feature. This measure is a simple yet effective way to maintain the battery’s health.


Process Data Only On Device

In an era of AI, Samsung ensures you don’t have to choose between smart features and battery life. The ‘Process Data Only On Device’ option allows you to enjoy AI benefits while conserving energy for other tasks.

To enable this feature, users should navigate to Settings >> tap on the Advanced Settings >> click on Advanced Intelligence >> select the ‘Process Data Only On Device’ option >> tap on the toggle to turn it on.


By activating these features, users can enjoy a smooth and seamless experience with their device, and rest assured that your Samsung device will work for a long time without the need for frequent recharging.

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