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Installing GoodLock.

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For users of region where Goodlock is not officially available, I will explain how to install Goodlock. 

  • Install Windscribe VPN.
  • Set country to US. 
  • Clear data of galaxy apps. 
  • Remove your SIM with out switching off your phone. 
  • Now restart your phone after SIM card is removed. 
  • After restart check if VPN is on, if off manually turn it on and set location to US. 
  • Go to galaxy apps and search GoodLock and install it.
  • Open goodlock and install all modules from goodlock. 
  • Now you can turn off VPN. 
Thats it. Enjoy goodlock. 
For  all those who are lazy, I have those apps uploaded into my Google drive for you to download. Use the link below, download all the apps, install all of them and enjoy goodlock... 
Otherwise install all apps except goodlock and install an app called NICE LOCK from play store. 
If there is any issue with Goodlock especially if it shows server error, that's because Goodlock needs to connect to server when it's configured for first time. If you always get server error, then the VPN is not working or VPN services may be restricted in your country. What you can do is, install the list of apps I mention here from the link I provided. It will work. 
1. Nice lock 
2. LockStar 
3. QuickStar 
4. Task Changer 
5. Routines 
6. ClockFace 
7. MultiStar 
8. NavStar 
9. Nice Shot 
10. NotiStar 
Use Nice lock app instead of Goodlock.


I found another solution now.
Insert a SIM card that belongs to a region which supports GoodLock(maybe your friend or colleagues have a sim), restart your device and check galaxy apps.. Hurrayyyy GoodLock is here....
Once the download is complete you can remove the sim and Goodlock will work.
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U r the best👌😘
I dd as u instructed and it worked
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Thank you for instruction it's work 👌🏻
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navstar its notworking for android 10
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It will take a little more time for the module to get updated.
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This is no longer applicable in march 2020
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It's working and I am still using it. 

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But it will change Service provider SW ver.

results you will not get updates, if you are in an another region
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No such issues as long as you won't mess with CSC of the device. I have a note 9 purchased from Bahrain, and I am using Goodlock and got latest firmware OTA update.