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Duplicate photos within folders. Capability removed by by Android?

(Topic created on: 09-25-2022 12:08 AM)
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Galaxy Note

 I get more and more frustrated with updates (android?) when they remove features and permissions from app developers which I used a lot. Wish you could complain.  (I've tried jumping the hoops for that!)

For example I often used a feature that allowed you to remove duplicate photos from selected folders.  I save photos in different categories. So there will be duplicates.  But I just want to remove duplicates in a particular category (folder). All apps I have found (but a few extremely useful ones) are only able to search the entire phone.  Now the ones I used can no longer help   An app developer blamed increased android security for removing this capability.

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Galaxy Note
I still see it under suggestions by the gallery app. Click the hamburger menu and it should be there. I have a S20 FE