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The Galaxy Z Flip 6 has a larger external screen

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The latest leaks revealed new details about the upcoming Samsung release, Galaxy Z Flip 6, which is indicated to have a larger outer cover screen, and also comes with 12 GB RAM .

 Samsung presented the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with a 3.4-inch external screen, which is a larger size in the outer cover screen compared to the screen of the previous versions, the Z Flip 4 and Z Flip 3 , which were only 1.9 inches in size .

 In the latest details that came via the “@TheGalox” account, Samson ’s plans to support the Z Flip 6 with a 3.9-inch screen in the outer cover were revealed .

The leaks also confirm that Samsung will support the phone’s external screen with a layer of “Gorilla Glass Armor” protection.

 On the other hand, expectations indicate that the Korean giant will offer the Flip6 phone with an internal screen size of 6.7 inches. The phone also comes with improvements in the design of the screen hinge, with a larger cooling system .

 Samsung also supports this version with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor chip . The phone also comes with a random memory of 12 GB RAM, which is an option offered for the first time in this category of Samsung phones, as previous Flip phones were limited to a random memory of 8 GB RAM.

Regarding the rear camera settings, the leaks indicate that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 comes with a 50-megapixel main sensor in the rear camera, with a 12-megapixel sensor with ultra-wide viewing angles .

 This version is also expected to support a 4000 mAh battery , and reports have indicated that Samsung is planning to hold an event in July to announce this version

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