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SM-A525F/DS microphone issues when talking from afar

(Topic created on: 12-06-2021 09:49 AM)
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Galaxy A

I just bought a Samsung phone SM-A525F/DS   with build number  RP1A.200720.012. A525FXXU4AUJ2 and I'm experiencing some issues with the microphone when talking on speaker, e.g., video calls on WhatsApp or messenger , normal sim calls on speaker. My 

It looks like phone is always using the "regular" microphone with noise cancellation and never switches to those with the far field pickup. The result is that if I don't talk very close to the phone call receiver end can't hear me at all, hear cut offs, or a very muffled/metallic voice . 

I tried testing the microphones on the audio loopback interface dialing *#0283# and selecting the two microphones to hear me back talking. They seem to both work as intended, but it's clear from there that the phone is always using RCV_1stMic (what looks like the microphone with noise cancellation used when talking with the phone close to the ears), and never switches to SPK_2ndMic (what looks like the microphone with the far field pickup). I'm pretty sure that the OS should switch automatically between the two depending on whether or not the speakers or on. I can't really find any option to set a "default" microphone or anything, and I'm not sure there should really be one at all.

This seems like a very common problem experience by a lot of people from online blogs.  I'd like to understand if there is going to be a solution for this issue soon.  

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Galaxy A

Hi, A52VD kindly note that your device may need to booked in for a Software reload. It seems like the current software loaded on your device is malfunctioning. Please go to the below link to locate the closest Authorized Service Center to you.

You can also backup using Smart switch and then factory reset your device. Herewith Smart switch link: