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Random disappearance of fingerprint sensor

(Topic created on: 10-18-2023 01:48 PM)
Beginner Level 3
Galaxy A
Hello Samsung community! 
Recently, I've encountered a peculiar issue with my Samsung (A33 5G) phone's fingerprint sensor. After a recent software update, I noticed that the sensor randomly disappears, leaving me unable to unlock my screen. Interestingly, it reappears when I press the side button to switch the screen on. Has anyone else experienced this? Any insights on what might be causing this intermittent behavior? Your help would be much appreciated!
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Galaxy A
Hi. I have an A33 5G. The only time I have noticed this in one of two scenarios. If the phone has restarted due 'auto optimize' function being turned and on another instance when the memory usage is high and the phone starts becoming 'laggy' or sluggish. When it starts becoming sluggish I go to device manager and optimize and clear memory. That usually resolves my issue at least.