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My A72 keeps restarting

(Topic created on: 03-23-2023 10:33 AM)
Beginner Level 3
Galaxy A
Hi. I need some help. My Samsung galaxy A72 keeps rebooting. It comes on, works for 5-10 seconds then restarts, it does this over and over again. I managed to boot phone in safe mode and still, it does the samething. I do feel the back of the phone getting a little warm. 
So I went into my car, put the aircorn on max and placed the phone on a vent. 
After 10 minutes the phone went back to normal. It restarted and stayed on and I'm actually typing this message on the same device now. Is there anything I need to worry about? Is there something failing on my device that's causing this issue? As this haooend twice now in 2 weeks. The same remedy worked both times
Thank you. 

Active Level 6
Galaxy A
You could have a rouge app causing the issue , I'd factory reset via recovery to completely wipe the device

Or take it in to a authorised service centre
Beginner Level 3
Galaxy A
Thank you