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A54 upper side heating after the update

(Topic created on: 01-23-2024 07:39 PM)
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Since the last update which was realsed 2 weeks before i am facing upwr side of my mobile is getting hotter while making video calls n charging trmp of my mobile goes to above 37 celsis what is the solution please suggest me , i bouht my mobile 3 month ago 

Thanks in advance 
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Overheating during video calls and charging can be caused by multiple factors. Try these solutions:
1. Ensure your device is updated to the latest software.
2. Close background apps to reduce processor load.
3. Remove unnecessary apps and files to free up storage.
4. Avoid using the phone while charging or during prolonged video calls.
5. Check for any rogue apps causing excessive CPU usage.
6. If the issue persists, contact your device manufacturer or visit a service center for further assistance.
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I have A54, but I did not face this issue
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After update.. clear cache by going into recovery mode.
It helps.
Should stabilize in a few days.
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Try to rest it it is possible. You can backup your data using smart switch localy in external media or in cloud. Then try to wipe cache partition (First, turn off your mobile and connect itto a laptop or PC using a data cableThen press volume UP and Power Key at the same timeKeep them pushing until the Samsung logo appearsYour device will be in Recovery Mode. Be careful hereYou can only use the volume and power keys there. Pressthe volume down and up keys to move the selector up anddown. And the power key to select that option.First, select WIPE CACHE PARTITION. Then there willbe No and Yes options. Select Yes.After WIPE CACHE PARTITION. Now go to REPAIRAPPS option (it will be at the end) and select that. Yourdevice will first reboot. Then Ul loading will appearAfter that mobile will turn ON automaticallyCAUTION: DON'T select WIPE DATA RESET, DON'T. Itwill delete all your data from your mobileBe extra conscious in Recovery Mode and choose WIPECACHE PARTITION only). And wait for next update. But I am pretty sure it will fix. And before updating visit members app and search for your relevant posts.
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We recommend trying the following steps to address the heating issue on your Samsung phone:

1. **Reboot Your Device:**
Sometimes, a simple restart can help resolve temporary issues causing the device to heat up.

2. **Check for Background Apps:**
Ensure that there are no unnecessary apps running in the background, as they can contribute to overheating. Close any unused applications.

3. **Update Software:**
Ensure your device is running the latest software version. Software updates often include bug fixes that can address performance issues.

4. **Check for Rogue Apps:**
Some apps may cause excessive heating. Check if any specific apps are consistently causing the issue and consider uninstalling or updating them.

5. **Optimize Device Settings:**
Adjust display brightness, turn off unnecessary features like Bluetooth and location services when not in use, and limit background processes.

6. **Factory Reset (If Necessary):**
As a last resort, consider performing a factory reset on your device. Ensure you back up your important data before doing so.