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Samsung Good Lock/Fine Lock

(Topic created on: 05-04-2021 11:13 AM)
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As I saw Good lock does not support UAE, but Fine lock Supports it, if you are in United Arab Emirates you can use Fine lock, as in other countries Good Lock Supports.

your Galaxy

*This content is developed based on One UI 2.5/Galaxy S20. Please note that features
may not be available or may vary depending on One UI/OS version or models.

“ Effortless yet powerful
Galaxy with Good Lock ”

Customizing Galaxy over a third-party tool
is not an option anymore.
Personalize One UI to maximize your
Galaxy experience with Good Lock!


Personalize your
Recent apps
Task Changer

Swipe through the multiple recent apps with
the most convenient layout for you.
Boost your multitasking skills with Task Changer.

Modify Recent apps


Navigate through the various types of
Recent apps as you desire.
Take a look at the 6 layout types to choose from.


Do even more!

Try ‘Mini Mode’ to easily operate with one hand
or enable ‘Blur Background Effect' to view
Recent apps more clearly.

< Mini Mode enabled >
< Blur Background
Effect enabled >


Decorate Quick panel with your favorite color theme.
Modify the indicator settings neatly
by removing unnecessary indicator icons.

Change Panel Settings


You can adjust to the most vibrant colors
from modern, sophisticated to unique style!

1. Quick Panel Coloring

Choose one from default colorings or
create your own theme that perfectly matches
your taste from Panel Settings.


2. Visibility of Indicator Icons

Make your status bar neat by keeping
your most useful indicator icons only.


3. Notification Popup window

Quickly view the content of notification
by triggering a Popup window from Notifications.

 Swipe the notification to the right then tap button

※ Popup Window is not available on certain apps.
 A Popup window will appear on the home screen. Change the Popup window to the preferred size.

With Good Lock, experience a change that is
nothing complicated but definitely powerful.
Make your Galaxy the one that knows you best.

※ Images shown are for illustration purposes only.
※ Requires download of the Good Lock app from Galaxy Store.
※ Good Lock App and feature availability may vary
by device model, OS version, or region/country.

*The above descriptions are based Samsung Members Version
Availability of the features above may vary depending on device,
OS version and country, and subject to change without notification.
Copyright© 2016-2020 Samsung Electronics All Rights Reserved
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Try smart lock on Google store.
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No one can answer that easy question, even samsung.
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Good Lock is not available in this region at this time.