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Re-adding old features Resolved!

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Please do add in-game screen recording, As normal screen recording leads to a load of fps drop.Please block the overlay of whatsapp calls and video calls.Please do add FPS counter.Thank you.

Game launcher & the Notification

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Usually when I'm playing a game There is no notification disturbin me, But after i Format the phone now the notification keep on popping up to my face in the middle of the game. I tried all the settings in the game launcher but it's not working.

Game tools

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Bonjour, je trouve ça dommage que Samsung ait enlevé la fonctionnalité de gametools permettant d'enregistrer l'écran, ce qui nous contraint à télécharger une appli externe alors que Apple a cette fonctionnalité intégrée.

Posted by: ManV
Beginner Level 3

Game launcher

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Guys my game launcher wont work properly,When I got a new game I opened game launcher then it said I don't have any installed games and it moved my games out of game launcher and if I add them back, game launcher crashes,Please help I am on my new Ga...

Posted by: Lau1107
Beginner Level 2

Metodos de pago

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Buenos dias, me gustaria saber ¿por qué no admiten otros métodos de pagos para hacer comprar de las Apps? Sólo es tarjeta de crédito y nada más... Es estresante porque he querido comprar y no puedo. Deberian dar solucion para quien no posea una. Por ...

Posted by: Guio86
Beginner Level 2
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