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Weird Notification Sound /12 UI

(Topic created on: 09-18-2022 12:21 PM)
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Hi. I have been getting this weird notification sound on my S21 Ultra (Snapdragon Version), but I just hear this weird sound and there is no notification. When I check in the settings recent notifications, it says 12 System UI. I tried to turn off the UI notification but it seems to be impossible. I have almost turned off every app notification except the samsung apps, google, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat. I am just tired of this sound, it keeps on after few 10 minutes then and now. Need help regarding this. Please save me from this weird annoying sound.

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or assistance, please visit one of our authorized Service Centers to check it for you. You may refer to the link it will guide you to the nearest service center to your location https://www.samsung.com/ae/support/service-center/