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Touch not responce issue.

(Topic created on: 06-15-2024 06:13 PM)
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Galaxy S

I updated the version 6.1 and after that the mid-dur of using phone touch is not respond anymore.and after some time it show (isn't optimised for the latest version of Android. Screen touches may be delayed or not recognise) kindly solve the issue. 

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Troubleshooting Touch Screen Responsiveness Issues on Android 6.1

Initial Troubleshooting Steps

• To resolve touch screen responsiveness issues after updating to Android 6.1, try restarting your phone, checking for system updates, and booting into Safe Mode.

Additional Solutions

• You can also clear the cache partition, update apps, reset app preferences, or perform a factory reset.

Contacting Support

• If the problem persists, it may be a hardware issue, and you should contact customer support or visit a service center.