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One UI 6.1 Features

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Samsung’s S flagships debut the most powerful chipsets available in the market every year. The Ultra model of each year’s Galaxy S lineup introduces upgraded camera capabilities. This year, we wish to see innovative camera functions, AI tools, fluid and stable animations, and battery efficiency.

Zoom Anyplace: Samsung teased Zoom Anyplace camera technology, which is supported by 200MP ISOCELL sensor and Qualcomm’s AI Engine. This means, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be equipped with Zoom Anyplace feature, however, it might not be available on S23 Ultra.

Good Lock 2024: Samsung is already working on a major Good Lock upgrade, which is likely to roll out in November 2023. Beyond that, the company has some additional features and bug fixes in the pipeline for crucial modules like Keys Cafe and ClockFace.

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Nice feature 👌