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How to switch from Portrait Video to Live Focus Video? S21 Ultra

(Topic created on: 10-17-2021 12:29 PM)
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I've seen many people bothered by this but with no solutions. 

The Live Focus Video allows you to take videos with a blurred background on any object, doesn't have to be a human. Portrait video mode doesn't.

I just sold my Fold 2 because it didn't allow to shoot on objects either and moved down to an S21 Ultra yesterday only to find out that this doesn't have that feature either. Apparently it used to.

The the Note 20 Ultra does have this feature and it works perfectly. I have wasted quite a bit of money moving between the phones and it seems like I wasted it again. It is a very important feature fot me as I make videos and product shoots.

Please guide me in the right direction if anyone has any solutions.

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Please note that features differ between devices, to know more about the Galaxy S21, you may find all the specifications and information by referring to the link https://www.samsung.com/ae/smartphones/galaxy-s21-ultra-5g/

You may contact us via our support channels for further information, https://www.samsung.com/ae/info/contactus/